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I've always wanted to live a life  of purpose.   That is why I became a teacher...to make a difference in this world, one person at a time!

I started sharing Shaklee, after I experienced  what Shaklee had done for my family and I felt the need to pay it forward.  When I started, 30 years ago, we did not have the internet.  Now, online, I can reach so many more people looking for what we have....a healthier future...the most important thing we have in life is our health....It does not matter how much money you have, if you do not have the energy and the health to enjoy it!  For us, that is being grandparents who can have fun  with the grandkids - better yet - grandparents the kids can have fun being with!

We also offer an opportunity to own your own business...and the ability to create a better, more financially secure future with that  better health to enjoy it!  

This is one of the reasons this site was created. I wanted to help others navigate the jungle the Internet has now become and share what I've learned about creating a lifestyle of personal freedom as an online entrepreneur.  This lifestyle also allows Kevin and I more  time to enjoy my grandkids!   That we do as often as we can!!!!

I'm also looking to connect  with like-minded people. In this, now post Covid frenzied world, I feel that what I have to share is more important than ever.

If words like "Lifestyle Design" and "Reengineering your life" resonate with you, then you've come to the right place.  If a healthier life for you, your family, your pets, and your planet, sound like a goal,  again, you've come to the right place!

If you'd like some guidance in your desire to find freedom as an online entrepreneur, let's connect. You can learn more about working with me here. us.shaklee.com/site/carolynmosswellness

I share pictures with our grandkids, Kate and Jack.  We just adore these two!   And we want to introduce you to the newest member of our family - Cody - a lovable , 90 pound, around 8 year old, lab mix that we adopted from the local spca, animal resue,  last month!  You want to bring some  unconditional love, more exercise, and fun into your home - adopt a dog who needs you, as much as you need them! We have our older dog Bert - Cody has  brought him new life too! 

Shaklee offers us all the opportunity to 'live younger longer'!  Honestly, I can't thank Ellen, that substitute teacher who shared Shaklee with me 30 years ago, enough!  It truly changed our lives!   nobody in our family seems to be allergic to cats any more, so my grandkids were able to adopt their little kitten, Porcupine. That was a fun gotcha day!  We adopted Cody and they adopted Porcupine!

Give me a call any time!  914 490 8614  Now, that we are both retired from our 'day jobs' - Kevin helps  more with our Shaklee business, and we get to spend more  time together with our kids, our grandkids, family and friends...give back - volulnteer, and have the energy and thank God, health to enjoy it!

Thanks again for visiting my site and I hope I can help you create your ideal lifestyle of personal freedom and healthier living.

Here's to you!

Carolyn Moss